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The Israel Institute of Chemical Engineers was founded in 1963 by members of staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion, Prof. Zeev Resnick, Prof. Samuel Sideman and Prof. David Hasson.

The objectives of the institute are the advancement of Chemical Engineering in theory and practice and the maintenance of high professional standards among its members.
Membership in the institute is open to all chemical engineers, to students of chemical engineering (as student members), and to other professionals actively connected to chemical engineering. Associate membership is open to other interested persons fulfilling certain conditions.

The institute received the formal status of a foundation ("Amuta") in 1984.The institute is also affiliated as an associate member to the European Federation of Chemical Engineering.The main activities of the institute are the yearly two-day symposium held in most years during the Pessach holidays at Haifa, Tel Aviv or Beer Sheva, and the publication of an occasional journal named Journal of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

The first issue of the institute journal was published in December 1972 and issue number 26 was published in 1997. The Journal editors during those years were: David Wolf, Simcha Avrahami, Aharon Roy, Baruch Grinbaum, Rafi Semiat and Chaim Forgash.A discussion list, cheng-il, was started in 1996, and an Internet site was started in 1997.

The institute is managed by a 15 member council, originally elected every year but since 1988 is elected every two years. The past president and the two chairmen of the departments of Chemical Engineering are members ex-officio, and the other members are elected during the yearly meeting. The committee elects the president for the current term. A list of the past presidents follows.


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