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17ffda 35e3a882e20e41d2a05dd2fcbba8ea33 The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, is the oldest university in the country. Since it was founded in 1924, some 50,000 students have earned degrees from the Technion. Graduates of the institute hold key positions in public companies, industry and in Israeli universities.
17ffda 3f8e9241563b4fc38429ab165b626ddc Ariel university - The College offers undergraduate studies in a wide variety of subjects:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering & Management, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Physiotherapy, Health Management, Nutrition, Social Work, Behavioral Sciences, Economics & Business Management, Mass Communications, Israel & Middle Eastern Studies, Israel Heritage, General Studies (Humanities), Applied Physics, Molecular Biology, Biological Chemistry and Mathematics & Computer Science.
17ffda 1955dfd1be774c8da27da6f165c8b9dc ORT Braude College of Engineering is established on a 30-acre (120,000 m2) area in a city of Karmiel, Israel.
The College’s geographic location is a direct response to national and regional needs: it serves as an academic, technological, and scientific center for the Galilee, increases the accessibility to higher education in the north of Israel and contributes to the range and enrichment of Karmiel’s educational system.
17ffda a684242495e9413994bdffa2c6eba77c Tel-Aviv University is a public university located in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel. With over 30,000 students, TAU is Israel's largest university.
Located in Israel's cultural, financial and technological core, Tel Aviv University is a major center of teaching and research, comprising 9 faculties, 27 schools, 98 departments and nearly 130 research institutes and centers.
17ffda beed3ad3bf9842d38da1e5574a807aa8 Shenkar College of Engineering and Design has been established in 1970, the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design has two faculties - Engineering and Design, both offering four-year undergraduate degrees. Shenkar is accredited by the Council for Higher Education in Israel as an institute of higher education and its two faculties are authorized to award bachelor degrees in design and engineering in a number of unique fields. The Faculty of Engineering: Plastic Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management. The Faculty of Design: Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Interior Design – Structure and Environment, Industrial Design and Jewelry Design.
17ffda 0623e9275da7424487bc34356fbf7666  Shamoon College situated in Beer Sheva, Israel, with an additional campus in Ashdod, Shamoon College is dedicated to making higher education in engineering more available for the young people of Israel, especially of the outlying southern Negev region, while maintaining the highest academic levels for its graduates. A prime objective of Shamoon College is to prepare broadly educated, technologically proficient, and highly productive citizens to attain meaningful careers, to enjoy enriched lives, and to make contributions to society and industry. Since its establishment in 1995, Shamoon College has proved to be the major force in bringing the remote southern Israeli population and industry into the mainstream of academics and industry. One of the college’s main goals and successes is in prevent outmigration from Israel’s south
index Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The Negev is the location of the most important natural resources of our country: the Dead Sea and the phosphate mines. The industries of the south and their requirements for technically qualified personnel led to the creation of the Institute of Negev Research . This was the starting point of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Chemical technology has been associated with the university since its beginnings, and it retains its importance and relevance in the development of the Negev and of the University.


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